Use IFTTT to promote yourself as a webcam model to get more follower and earn more.

Being a webcam model can be very  lucrative that is why so many people try to earn by becoming one and hope to be able to make a living out of it. But becoming a successful cam model doesn’t come by itself, you actually have to do some work

You may think that just by being a webcam broadcaster would ensure a 100% success but unfortunately  it doesn’t work that way and you probably realize it by now and fortunately you are a the right place to get some nice tips to make a little more money if you are having a hard time.

Not 100%

If you are here to find a magic spell to success you are probably going to be disappointed. To begin, be in the right mindset, the more you want to earn the more you will have to commit and I’m not just talking about how slutty  you have to be on cam.

The great thing about cam modeling is that that your success depend  a lot on how many people will paid to see you and since this  is an internet based work you are in luck because internet is an endless source peoples.


1. Create accounts in, if you don’t already have one, twitter, tumblr, instagram and all the other social media you can think of.

2. Create blogs accounts like blogger and  wordpress and any other blog sites you know.

3. Use ifttt to link all your account together. When you make a post, the post will automatically make a post in all other social media make it very time and work efficient.

4. Create a blog about yourself telling people your started as webcam model, be creative, make quality content and make people believe that they need you.

5. When you are done creating blogs come back to this post and leave the link to your blog here so you get more views.  Repeat on all similar post.

6. Always like, follow and leave comment  to followers.

Like a said set your mind to it and commit, the more you do the better result  you will get. Your success doesn’t only rely on being on good on cam.

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Interested in becoming a webcam model and earn money from the comfort of your home? All genders are welcome and even couples. Click here.

For step to step guide to register as a broadcaster, click here.

Don’t forget follow for more hot tip and leave a comment when your are all set up.


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