How easy it is to become a webcam model, easy step with Pictures.

Have you ever wanted to become a webcam model but having a hard time making up your mind? Well let me show you how easy it could be to start.

Live cam chat has become more and more popular over the past years. Needless to say webcam performer are always on demand. What is more interesting is that there are demand for all gender even couple! Be part of the hottest live cam sex chat at where all performers are welcomed.

Let’s start with tools you are going to need.

The tools 

  1. Computer or laptop, 
  2. Webcam – Higher the definition the better it will attract more people to watch
  3. Internet connection – Faster the better. Wired is recommended to have a more stable connection.-
  4. Digital Copy Of ID –You will need to be able to Identify yourself with a Passport, Drivers License. Your real identity is always kept private

Let’s begin

Follow to this link to register.

You will be directed the page below.

Screenshot 2017-03-15 at 03.40.32Read the useful information on the page.

Broadcaster registration:

Username (not real name, you will be ask to do so later), password, email, birthday and gender

Do the captcha

Read the terms and conditions

When all done press on create a broadcaster account.

Next step

You will be directed to the page below and you will see 2 links for 2 steps


Step 1: Agree to the performer agreement


Please ensure this information is accurate. This information is never shared with 3rd parties or users.

Enter Full name,email adress and birthday

Step 2: Uploads/Verify your identity


To complete age verification, please upload two photos of your government issued personal identification.

We require an image of the ID, as well as a high quality image of the ID held up next to your face. Couples are required to upload this for each person.

We currently accept the following forms of identification: Passport, Drivers License.

Small or blurry images will be denied and will delay verification. Please upload a clear photo of the ID so the following can be read: Name, Date of Birth, Issue Date and Expiration Date.

Identification uploads are never shared with 3rd parties.


Once Step 1 and 2 are done, you will have to wait confirmation approval, its usually pretty fast.

Thank you for reading follow and leave comment.



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